Niles Man Killed in Hit and Run Collision

NILES, IL- writes that a man was struck and killed by a vehicle in Niles on Thursday evening, December 27, 2018. The victim was a 72-year-old man from Niles.*

The victim was crossing Greenwood Avenue from the west to the east when a vehicle described as a white SUV or pickup truck hit him in the curb lane.

The car behind the white vehicle then struck the white vehicle. The vehicle that killed the victim then drove away from the scene. The driver of the second vehicle stayed at the scene and attempted to help the victim.

The victim was rushed to the Lutheran General Hospital where he was later declared dead just after 7 p.m.

Police have not identified the victim.

Police are seeking witnesses to the crash. Any information gathered can help them to catch the driver responsible for the deadly crash.

Hit-and-run crashes are surprisingly common and increasing in the United States. In 2015, there were about 2,000 hit-and-run crashes every day, about six of which were fatal. Many people who realize they hit a person panic, become emotional and in some cases decide to try to escape the situation entirely. Sometimes drivers who hit a person attempt to rationalize their decision to flee by convincing themselves that the victim only sustained minor injuries. One study conducted in Belgium found that about 42 percent of the drivers involved were under the influence of either alcohol or drugs whenthe crash took place.

In some cases, drivers claim they believed they struck a deer not a person because they were driving at night in low visibility in a remote area at the time of the crash. In the most extreme cases, people have driven from the scene of an accident while a victim was still on their vehicle or even through their windshield.

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