Not Understanding Your Illinois Auto Insurance Contract Can Leave You in Financial Ruin

Most motorists do not understand their auto insurance policies. To be fair, auto insurance policies are drafted in favor of the insurance company, subject to the limitations imposed by Illinois law. The contract language is thick with legalese and written to obfuscate the insurance company’s obligations as well as leave huge exemptions from coverage that can trap the unwary. 

Insurance companies want to make money. Their business is revenue driven, and their business model is simplistic at its base. Insurance companies are profitable when they generate more revenue by selling insurance policies and pay less money out to claimants.

One method of keeping their costs down is by claiming exclusions in their contracts. Exclusions in Illinois auto insurance contracts allow insurance companies to deny coverage for particular incidents. For instance, not paying an insurance premium for a household member who is expected to drive the family car allows the insurance company to avoid coverage if that person is involved in a crash. In other words, the third-party insurance company has no contractual obligation to cover that driver because you did not pay for coverage for that person.

Another common insurance exclusion is the commercial use exclusion. People working for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft might encounter this problem unless they purchase commercial insurance. The commercial use exclusion gives the insurance company a lawful method of denying coverage if you use your vehicle in a business venture without buying the right coverage. 

Unfortunately, most people find out about these harsh and unreasonable exclusion clauses hidden in their insurance contracts when they need coverage after an accident. You should have your Chicago auto collision attorney review your policy and coverage to make sure that you are protected. Otherwise, you could suffer enormous financial consequences that could ruin your life. Take steps now to cover you and your family before it is too late.