O’Hare Shuttle Crashes Injuring 6 Passengers on November 3, 2018

CHICAGO, IL- Abc7chicago.com writes that an airport shuttle crash took place at O’Hare International Airport and hurt 6 people. The incident occurred a little before 3 in the morning when two shuttles in the departure level close to Terminal Five collided.

According to witnesses, one of the shuttles struck a parked shuttle from behind. The Chicago Fire Department responded to the scene. The victims were transported to nearby hospitals where all were reportedly in stable condition.

Airport shuttles and other forms of shared or hired transportation present an interesting phenomenon for occupant safety.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports thatseat belt use is high among Americans. About 9 out of 10 people report using their seat belts when they are riding in a carif they are in the front seat. Passengers riding in the back seat of a vehicle are less likely to buckle up. Even worse than the backseat,passenger seat belt usage rates are the high number of people who do not buckle up when they are traveling in a taxi, rental car, rideshare vehicle, or shuttle bus.

In taxis and rideshare vehicles, 80 percent of people admit to not using their seat belt. Many of the people responding believed that a seat belt was not important if they were in the back seat of a vehicle. While 74 percent of all vehicle passengers use their seatbelts in a private vehicle, they only buckle up 57 percent of the time if they are a passenger in a hired car.

Of course, ride share vehicles, taxis, and shuttles can get into accidents, and a seat belt is an important way for people to protect themselves. Each year, about 2,804 deaths could be prevented if everyone used their seatbelt.

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