Old Route 54 Rollover Accident Kills Woman in New Berlin, Illinois

NEW BERLIN, IL- Foxillinois.com reports that a woman died from injuries that she sustained in a rollover crash on Old Route 54 on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. The incident took place near Farley Road.

The victim identified as 75-year-old Carolyn Rodgers of Springfield. Rodgers was rushed to the Memorial Medical Center where she was declared dead just before 5 p.m.

The Sangamon County Coroner stated that Rodgers died from injuries that she suffered in the crash. Officials say that Rodgers’ vehicle flipped over and that she became trapped inside until rescuers were able to extract her.

No other vehicles or persons were involved in the incident. The crash is still being investigated.

Rollover collisions are disproportionately deadly. While these collisions only account for about 3 percent of all vehicle accidents, they cause nearly one-thirdof all vehicle occupant deaths.

While any vehicle has the potential to roll overin the right set of circumstances, some vehicles are far more prone to these types of accidents. Vehicles that are taller, and that have higher centers of gravity, present an increased risk of flipping over. Statistically, SUVs and pickup trucks are at a greater risk of rolling over than are cars. This is a contributing factor in the fact that SUVs and pickup trucks having higher fatalities rates in single-vehiclecollisions than do cars. While these vehicles are more likely to be involved in deadly rollover incidents, their larger size often provides more protection to vehicle occupants than smaller cars in multiple vehicle collisions.

Vehicle occupants who wear their seatbelts have a much higher chance of surviving one of these accidents.

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