One Man Killed in Clinton County in Single-Vehicle Crash

CLINTON COUNTY, MI- The reports that a man was killed in a vehicle collision on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, in Clinton County.

The victim, a 57-year-old man from Minnesota, failed to show up to a job interview in Chicago. The man’s brother became concerned and contacted police. The man’s family tracked the victim’s cell phone, andit indicated that the man’s location was in Eagle Township. The victim’s pickup truck was locatedin a field near Interstate 96 and Jones Road. The investigation indicated that man likely lost control of his vehicle and drove off of the road where he struck multiple trees before stopping in a cornfield.

It is unclear how the man ended up in Michigan. The crash is still under investigation.

Single-vehicle collisions account for a large number of traffic-related fatalities. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 41% of people who died in vehicle accidents in 2016 were killedin one-car crashes. The chances of dying in a single-vehicle crash arehigher for people traveling in SUVs and pickup trucks than it is for occupants of cars. People killed in accidents in SUVs were involved in single-vehicle collisions 56% of the time, and people killed while traveling in pickup trucks were involved in single-vehiclecrashes 59% of the time.

While occupants of SUVs and pickup trucks are at a greater risk of dying in single-vehicle crashes, these vehicles offer more protection in multiple vehicle accidents than smaller cars. Part of the risk of SUVs and pickup trucks is that they are more likely to roll overbecause of their taller design.

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