One Person Severely Injured in Crash Involving Two Large Trucks

ILLINOIS- The reports that a collision between two tractor-trailers took place on Interstate 70 on Tuesday, August 14, 2018. One witness, Tim Cote, was driving behind the trucks in the eastbound lanes of I-70 when the crash happened.

Cote reported seeing a “ball of fire.” At that point, Cote stopped his own truck and ran to the site of the crash with a fire extinguisher. One of the trucks was severely damaged, andfuel was spilling onto the roadway.

The driver of the damaged truck was trapped inside his vehicle. Firefighters were able to extract the driver whosustained injuries in the crash but was reportedly conscious. Medical evacuation helicopters were on site to transport injured people to the hospital.

Large trucks weigh around 20 to 30 times as much as passenger vehicles and are therefore less maneuverable than smaller vehicles and take a much longer time to stop. Because of the long hours,many truck drivers spend on the road; driverfatigue can lead to devastating accidents involving these massive vehicles. Drivers are legally permitted to drive for stretches of up to 11 hours straight, though many drivers report traveling even longer than they are permitted.

The most likely victim in a large truck crash is the occupant of a passenger vehicle. When occupants of trucks are killed in crashes, it is most likely because two or more large trucks were involved in the collision. In 67 percent of crashes where a truck occupant is killed, the crash was between multiple large trucks. Other deadly situations for truck drivers involve rollovers, which are more likely in trucks than in any type of passenger vehicle.

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