One Tragically Killed in Pike County, Illinois Motorcycle Accident

PIKE COUNTY, IL- writes that a motorcyclist died in a crash on Monday night in Pike County. The motorcyclist was traveling south on State Highway 96 on a Harley Davidson motorcycle when he tried to pass a semi-truck and trailer, and another vehicle.

After passing the large truck, the motorcyclist struck theFord F-150 that was traveling southbound and making a turn off the highway and onto a private driveway.

The victim, 59-year-old Randy Clendenny, was pronounced dead at the Illini Community Hospital.

The driver of the Ford was 29-year-old Adam Webster of Gilead, Illinois.

Motorcycle crashes frequently result in injuries or deaths to motorcyclists. As vehiclemotorcycles do not offer many of the protections that are standard in cars and other passenger vehicles. The result is that motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road.

There are steps that a motorcyclist can and should take in order to increase their safety. One major risk to motorcyclists is drivers of other vehicles. This is because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and drivers often overlook them before deciding to turn or change lanes. Drivers frequently believe that the coast is clear, make a move, and drive straight into the path of a motorcycle. The motorcyclist does not have time to avoid the crash. Many of these collisions can be prevented by motorcyclists making themselves more visible. Brightly colored clothing is one key way to prevent being overlooked by drivers.

While it is important for drivers to remember to share the road with motorcyclists, it is also important for motorcyclists to take part in their own safety and remember that they are at the mercy of drivers who may not see them.

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