Overweight Tractor Trailer Causes Chain Reaction Crash in Princeton, Illinois

Princeton, Illinois (News Tribune) According to a report from The News Tribune, a chain-reaction accident on Interstate 80 was caused by a tractor-trailer that was hauling approximately three thousand pounds more beans than it is legally able to carry. The driver of the semi received multiple citations after the wreck, including failure to reduce speed, overweight load, and driving with improperly maintained brakes. The truck and trailer are now out of service because the brakes are in no condition to be used on the roads.

The accident occurred as the driver of the semi-truck approached a highway work zone, where traffic had either stopped or was moving slowly. He was unable to reduce the speed of the truck enough to avoid colliding with the traffic, and multiple vehicles were involved in the collision. There are reports of multiple minor injuries, and two people got treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital.

Drivers of tractor-trailers must comply with many rules as they do their work every day, to keep themselves and those of us that share the roads with them safe. Weight limits for semi-trucks are an essential part of the rules that truckers must follow because the weight of a truck affects the way that it handles on the road as well as how well its various parts can perform. For example, loads that are over the legal limit of what a truck can carry cause extreme wear and tear on the truck’s brakes, and they make it hard for a truck driver to slow or stop their truck within the distance that they are usually able to stop it. When overloaded trucks travel the highways, they create a risk to everyone who shares the roads with them.

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