Parents Hold The Keys to Safe Teen Drivers in Illinois

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, parents play a vital part in teaching their teens how to drive safely. The law acknowledges this essential truth by requiring young drivers to log a specific amount of hours of supervised practice as part of the graduated driver licensing process. Supervised driving practice is driving with a parent or a driving instructor.

The idea of teaching your teen how to drive can be intimidating, but if you follow the tips listed below, you and your teen may find that you not only train a safe and skillful driver, you enjoy your time in the car together. Begin by establishing a calm and respectful atmosphere in the vehicle. Not only will this help your teen to avoid panicking behind the wheel, which can lead to impulsive and unsafe maneuvers, but a calm tone also makes it much more likely that your teen will absorb what you are telling (not yelling) them and remember it later on when they’re driving solo.

It’s a good idea to teach basic skills in a low-danger environment like an empty parking lot. However, once your teen is confident with the basics, build additional skills by driving in a variety of areas and at different times of the day. Your teen will eventually drive on all kinds of roads, at all times of day and night, and in all types of weather, so the more diversity you build into your practice time, the better.

A third critical component of teaching your teens safe driving skills is to model them yourself. When you drive, remain calm and focused on the road, and eliminate all distractions. Your driving skills and the choices you make behind the wheel are a powerful teacher.

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