Passengers’ Rights in Chicago Accidents

Passengers in an auto accident have essential rights and may seek to obtain monetary compensation from the party or parties who were responsible for causing the accident. Of course, that might mean the injured passenger may be faced with pursuing a claim against a relative or friend. Attempting to recover damages for injuries you suffered in an accident caused by your friend or relative might be an idea that is initially repulsive to you. Remember, however, that you are not trying to pry money out of your relative’s or friend’s pocket when you file a claim against them. Rather, you are asking their insurance company to do what your relative or friend pays them to do and indemnify them from the damages you suffered in an accident.

In Chicago, the injured person must show that someone committed a wrongful act as a prerequisite to collecting damages. Therefore, the passenger in Chicago might have more than one party against whom a claim may be filed. The passenger could pursue a claim against the driver of the other car involved in the crash along with the operator of the car the passenger was riding in at the time of the accident. In either scenario, the injured passenger in a Chicago accident can collect a damage award for his or her medical costs, lost salary or wages, and mental anguish, among other damages. 

If your loved one was a passenger killed in a motor vehicle crash in Chicago, then individual family members can seek to recover compensation for their loved one’s wrongful death. The plaintiffs in a wrongful death suit, who are usually a relative of the person who died but not always, can bring that claim against the driver of either car involved in the crash.

Passenger injury claims in Chicago are highly complex legal matters and can at times involve complicated insurance coverage issues. Therefore, you must contact a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable Chicago passenger injury lawyer for representation.


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