Pedestrian Accident at King Drive and 76th Street in Chatham, Illinois

CHATHAM, IL- writes that the police are looking for a driver who struck a man on Saturday night in Chatham. The victim suffered serious, life-threatening injuries in the incident and the driver responsible fled the scene.*

The crash took place at about 9:14 in the evening at the intersection of King Drive and 76th Street. The driver was traveling in a grey 2018 Dodge Challenger. The vehicle sustained damage in the crash, andthe police were able to recover the bumper, the front grill and the license plate from the car. The plates were from Illinois, with the number AY65420.

The rear license plate could still be on the vehicle but may not be. Police are requesting that anyone with information about thecrash contact the Major Accident Investigation Unit.

Hit-and-run crashes are taking place more often in the United States, and in Illinois specifically. The reason that drivers choose to flee the scene of crashes is not well understood. Often, drivers who flee the scene of accidents are never caught, and so acquiring statistics about why drivers leave is difficult. However, it appears that many drivers who flee the scene of car crashes were under the influence of alcohol. These drivers may be less inhibited leading to them making the decision to run and risk the higher penalties for fleeing the scene because they might be able to escape completely. Drivers who are in violation of a driving-related law, such as driving under the influence or driving on a suspended license, might also fear the harsher legal penalties for these crimes.

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