Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Semi-Truckon I-90/39

EDGERTON- The reports that a man was hit by a semi-truck on Wednesday morning, November 7, 2018. The incident took place at about 3:48 a.m. The victim exited his vehicle because he had a flat tire. The victim was standing on the outside ofhis vehicle when he was struck.

The victim’s name has not been released, but reports indicate that he was from Illinois.

The crash is still under investigation.

Suffering car trouble on a highway is a frightening situation. When a driver finds that their vehicle cannot continue to drive on the highway, it is important to pull off the road and into someplace safe. Highways have shoulders that vehicles can pull onto, but they do not give people much space or any barriers or protection from the fast-movingtraffic. In order to avoid a tragic accident, people should only exit the vehicle if it is safe to do so and should only exiton the side away from traffic. It is important to stay as far from the oncoming vehicles as possible.

If it is necessary to get out of the vehicle, people should never turn their back on traffic. Vehicles traveling fast can appear quickly.

In many cases, it is better for drivers to call for emergency help and remain in the vehicle while waiting for help to arrive. During this time, it is important to keep a seatbelt on as well. Vehicles pulled onto the side of the roadcan be struck by fast-movingvehicles, and it is important to try to remain as safe as possible.

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