Pike County Crash Results in One Injury in Pittsfield, Illinois

PITTSFIELD, IL- Whig.com writes that a driver suffered injuries in a crash that took place in Pike County on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at about 6:15 in the morning. The police said that the driver of a 2006 Mack semi truck, 46-year-old Jeffrey Bauman, was making a left hand turn out of a private driveway onto Illinois 107 when the back of the truck was hit by a 2004 GMC sportsutility vehicle that was driving north.*

The driver of the GMC was identified as 60-year-old Diane Triplett. Triplett was rushed to the Illini Community Hospital by a Pike County Ambulance.

Both of the drivers had their seatbelts on at the time of the collision. Bauman received a citation for failing to yield before turning left.

Left turns are a major cause of crashes. Drivers who are attempting to turn left have a lot of different things to consider in order to ensure that they are able to turn safely. Many have argued that it’s worth it just to avoidmaking left turns at all. In fact, avoiding left turns does not actually take much more time, and can sometimes save time because turning left often involves long wait times.

Trucks have trouble making quick movements including accelerating or braking. These large vehicles also have large blind spots making them even more difficult to operate. Drivers who are operating their vehicles around trucks should remember to exercise an abundance of caution. When trucks are involved in fatal crashes with passenger vehicles, the victims are people in the passenger vehicle on average 97 percent of the time.

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