Pile-Up Crash Kills One, Injures Eleven Others in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Elk Grove Village, Illinois (patch.com) According to a report by patch.com, a pile-up wreck involving six vehicles claimed the life of one man and sent eleven others to the hospital with injuries. The crash happened mid-morning on a Saturday, near the intersection of Meadow Court and Arlington Heights Road. A dump truck and five passenger vehicles got caught up in the accident, which caused the roadway to be closed until the early evening hours as crews worked to clear the wrecked cars from the area.

It is not yet clear why this pile-up crash happened, and authorities continue to investigate it. There are many possible causes of pile-up accidents, which often occur when roads are busy. Weather, alcohol, aggressive driving on crowded streets, distracted driving, and other factors have all caused pile-up accidents, and the cause of the initial collision is often different than the subsequent crashes that occurred as more and more vehicles became ensnared in the wreck.

If you are driving and you see an accident in the road, you may be able to avoid getting caught up in it. You can reduce your accident risk by maintaining awareness of weather and road conditions, and by keeping a safe space between your car and the vehicles around you. Avoid distractions, and when you’re driving in traffic, be aware that even minor distractions like a conversation with a passenger or turning up the volume on your radio could be enough to divert your attention for the split second that it takes for a crash to happen. If you do get into an accident, do your best to get your vehicle and any others that were involved in the collision out of the roadway so that other cars are less likely to pile on to the wreckage.

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