Police Cite Distracted Driver for Causing Crash in Dubois, Illinois

DUBOIS — a driver playing with his car stereo received a traffic citation for causing an accident which he somehow managed to avoid, according to the Belleville News-Democrat. Police say that the distracted driver swerved at the last instant to escape slamming into the rear of a car. However, the car following the distracted driver slammed into the backof the stopped vehicle. Police say that everyone involved in the crash was lucky to emerge uninjured.

Christian J. Vacker, 22-years-of-age from Kincaid, caused a car wreck on Friday, September 1, 2018,around 2:39 p.m. The investigating troopers from the Illinois State Police said that Vacker drove his Ford Focus on U.S. 51 toward the intersection with Du Bois Road when he distracted by his car stereo. A Chrysler operated by Crystal T. Manning, 41, of DuQuion came to a stop at the intersection ahead of Vacker.

Miraculously, Vacker managed to swerve around Manning’s vehicle and miss the car altogether. However, Hallie D. Scott, 21-years-of-age from Irvington was behind Vacker’s car and could not avoid colliding with Manning. Scott drove into the rear of Manning’s Chrysler.

The Illinois State Police troopers who responded to the call stated that Vacker drove while distracted by the car stereo. According to the troopers, this caused Vacker to follow excessively close to the Chrysler. Consequently, Vacker could not stop his car safely to avoid hitting the Chrysler. Instead,he took violent evasive action which forced him around the stopped vehicle. The woman following, according to the investigating troopers, had insufficient opportunity in terms oftime and space to avoid colliding with the stopped car.

The on-scene troopers gave Vacker a ticket for following too closely. They did not cite him for distracted driving or a criminal offense such as driving to endanger. The state police did not indicate the extent of the damage to either vehicle.

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