Police Identified Man Killed in Traffic Accident in McClean County, Illinois

MCLEAN COUNTY, IL- Centralillinoisproud.com reports that the victim of the deadly accident that took place on Interstate 55 on Monday night was identified as Zackary Doyle, 27, of Hammond, Indiana.

The incident occurred at about 11:00 p.m.near Lexington. Doyle was driving in the southbound lanes when he was stopped by the Chenoa Police because his vehicle had an equipment violation. Doyle pulled over and exited the vehicle, but then ran away from police on foot. Doyle was running along the shoulder of I-55, anda deputy followed in pursuit. Doyle then ran into the traffic lanes where he was hit by a passing vehicle.

Doyle was transported to the OSF St. Joseph Medical Center and was pronounced dead.

Police are investigating the incident.

The driver’s choice to pull over rather than attempting to flee in the vehicle could have saved other people’s lives. Police car chases kill an average of 323 people every year. A study conducted in 2007 indicated that 233 suspects and passengers in the suspects’ vehicles were killed, along with 87 innocent bystanders, and 3 officers. The numbers are disturbing when put into perspective. It turns out that police chases kill more people every year than hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, and floods combined. The numbers only includetraffic-relateddeaths and not situations where suspects are tracked down and shot by the police.

The high number of victims of police chases is more disturbing when it is pointed out that the suspects are quite often not violent criminals, but people who the police saw commit a traffic infraction. The policy of police chases has frequently been called into question because of the risk of loss of human life, especially of innocent bystanders.

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