Police Searching for Jeep in Bridgeport Hit-and-Run Accident

CHICAGO, Ill. — Chicago Police Department’s Major Accident Investigation Unit investigators released surveillance video hoping the public can help them locate a suspect and the suspect vehicle in a hit-and-run accident that happened on the South Side. ABC 7 News reported that the Jeep allegedly hit two women in the Bridgeport section of the South Side and sent them to the hospital. The Jeep was not in the vicinity of the accident scene when the first emergency personnel arrived on scene and police have set up a dragnet to locate the vehicle and the fleeing driver.

Chicago Police, Fire, and Rescue responded to the 2500 block of Archer Street to investigate a report of a vehicle that ran down two pedestrians. Witnesses informed investigators that the gray or silver Jeep sports utility vehicle headed north on Halsted Street and tried to turn left onto Archer Street. The driver of the Jeep struck both of the women who were attempting to cross the street. The woman, aged 19 and 27 respectively, went down in the street.

Observers say that the older of the two women sustained a head wound in the incident. Additionally, onlookers told police that the Jeep SUV struck one of the women after the vehicle sped up while attempting to flee the area. The 27-year-old woman was listed in critical condition because of the head injury she suffered. The younger woman’s medical condition stabilized. Stroger Hospital said the 19-year-old woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the crash.

The suspect vehicle should stick out to anyone who observes it. Reports from Chicago Police state that a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee with substantial damage to the driver’s side front quarter panel. Also, the driver’s window appears to be held together with some tape based on an examination of the surveillance video. The vehicle also has four black rims on its tires.


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