Failure To Diagnose

The last thing a person wants to hear from their doctor, after an appointment or routine tests, is that the appointment or tests revealed a serious illness or condition such as cancer. However, many illnesses, cancers, and conditions are treatable when they are discovered and diagnosed in a timely and accurate manner. As bad as a diagnosis may seem, it is a much worse situation when a patient discovers that they have a condition or illness, such as cancer, and that the condition or illness has significantly worsened due to their doctors failed to find it and diagnose it at the time of their previous appointment. Often, the delay in diagnosis can make a treatable condition or illness significantly more difficult to treat and cure. This emotional time in a person’s life is even more unbearable if it becomes apparent that the disease or illness was previously present, should have been discovered by the physical, and that it was the doctor’s error that caused the delay. 

An undiagnosed condition can result in pain, suffering, additional treatment, fewer treatment options, and sometimes even death. If the undiagnosed condition is the result of doctor error, a patient may have the right to recover money as a means to compensate them for the delay in diagnosis. There are many different scenarios that can lead to a failure to diagnose and an experienced attorney, like the attorneys at Stein and Shulman, and obtain the medical records and evaluate them to determine whether more could have and should have been done. AN experienced attorney, can look at the records, and determine if the delay was due to the doctor; not performing standard diagnostic tests, misreading the tests performed, failing to consider all possible conditions presented in test results, failing to adequately review a patients medical history, improperly conducting tests or failing to inform a patient of the diagnosis in the test results.

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If you have been to the doctor, and have been diagnosed with a serious illness or condition, but feel that the diagnosis should have been made sooner, you may have a legal right to recover. The attorneys at Stein and Shulman have years of experience in handling these types of medical negligence cases, and can view your medical records to advise whether a delay existed, and if so, whether the delay was the result of human error. Our experienced attorneys can then advise you, as to your legal rights, and determine what damages have been caused by the delay in treatment. They can help you to recover money to financially compensate you for the damages caused by the delay, as well as help you recover compensation for the pain and suffering experienced. Any medical condition is expensive to treat, however, those that are not diagnosed timely can become even more expensive due to additional treatment that may become necessary. The experienced attorneys at Stein and Shulman, LLC can investigate your case, and in the case of human error and medical negligence, they can help you recover money to pay these bills and attempt to make you whole again.