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Illinois Personal Injury Protection Laws

Simplifying the Claims Process in Chicago

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is a type of insurance that will help to pay for your own medical costs in the event of a car accident, regardless of who was at fault. This type of policy is often referred to as no-fault insurance and it is mandatory in so-called “no-fault” states. Illinois has not adopted a no-fault system, but car owners can add on PIP insurance to protect themselves in the event of an accident.

At Stein & Shulman, LLC, our Chicago car accident lawyers understand that filing a PIP claim can be complex, and it is not always easy to receive the full benefits to which you are entitled. Our firm has assisted thousands of car accident victims with their PIP and other car insurance claims. We will evaluate the accident and your coverage limits, as well as the other party’s involved, to find you the most substantial coverage for your losses associated with the accident.

What is a PIP Claim?

A PIP claim is a claim that you file against your insurance company seeking coverage for your medical expenses and lost wages. Not every driver in Illinois will have PIP insurance. While it is offered, it is not mandatory in our state. Accordingly, your first step will be to check with your insurance provider to explore your coverage if you have been involved in an accident. Further, because this type of coverage is not mandatory, policy limits for those that do elect to carry it will vary. You will need to ask your insurer for information as to your limits.

How Does a PIP Claim Work?

If you have been injured in an accident and you have PIP coverage, you will have the option to seek compensation for your medical expenses and lost earnings through your insurer. This coverage is an option regardless of your fault for the accident. Your coverage may come with some limitations, however. At times, your PIP coverage limits will vary depending on whether you have health insurance. Your costs may also exceed your policy limits. PIP will not cover pain and suffering or damage to your vehicle. If you need to seek more compensation that your PIP policy will allow, then you will need to pursue a claim against the other driver if he or she was at-fault for the accident.

Attorney Assistance with Your PIP Claim

An experienced car accident attorney will explore your coverage and rights after an accident. He or she can assist you in filing a PIP claim. PIP claims will often require that you provide a recorded statement and attend a medical examination with a physician selected by the insurer. Your attorney will walk you through the process and relieve the stress of the situation. He or she can additionally assess what other recovery options you may be able to pursue.

Achieving Over 40 Million in Settlements and Verdicts

Personal injury protection can make collecting for your injuries an easier process. If you have been injured in a car accident and need assistance submitting your claim, the Chicago Car Accident Lawyers at Stein & Shulman, LLC are here to help. Our firm has handled all manner of injury and accident cases, achieving over 40 million in settlements and verdicts for our valued clients. We understand the complexities that can revolve around a PIP claim and we have the experience to steer you through to your full recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced car accident lawyers at 312.422.0500 or by filling out a free contact form online.