Preparing for Your Car Accident Attorney Consultation

Stein & Shulman, LLC offers a few tips on preparing for your attorney consultation regarding your car accident case. By performing certain tasks beforehand, you can ensure your consultation is beneficial for both you and your attorney.

Your Chicago car accident lawyer will walk you through the steps of a car accident claim and will explain all the work that will be completed during the course of your case. It is not required for you to bring anything with you or do any work before you meet with a lawyer.

However, the following steps will enable you and your attorney to get a jumpstart on your case.

Speak to an experienced car accident attorney. Contact Stein & Shulman, LLC for your Free Case Review. When you contact our firm, we will be able to assist you with gathering the important evidence and records. In addition, we will provide you with the items to bring to your appointment. 

Take notes about what you remember.  It is important for you to write down everything you can remember about the car accident, not only to keep in fresh for your case but also to relay the information accurately to your lawyer. Be sure to include the date, approximate time, place, road conditions, and any details about the crash or the other driver/vehicle that you recall.

Obtain a copy of the police report.  Your lawyer is always going to want a copy of the police report related to your car accident. This report is one of the most important documents in the case. You have a right to the report, and you can easily obtain a copy after it is finalized and on file with the police department. If you come into your attorney consultation with this report, you are handing your lawyer valuable information and saving time in your case. 

Order your medical records.  Just like the police report, your lawyer will always need to see your medical records documenting the treatment you received for your car accident injuries. You also have a right to these records. Your records request might take some time to fulfill, but even if you do not have the records before the consultation, starting the process is important. 

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