Public Impression of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Across the country, in recent years there has been a movement designed to portray personal injury lawsuits as frivolous claims made by money seeking plaintiffs who are willing to exaggerate their injuries to take advantage of companies for millions of dollars. People pushing for tort reform argue that personal injury law is a threat to the economy and claim that the legal system allows plaintiffs to walk away unjustly with millions of dollars as if they won a lottery.

The reality of personal injury law is fardifferent. While multi-million-dollar verdicts or legal settlements might get a lot of attention from media outlets, these situations are extremely uncommon, andthe idea that a meritless legal claim can result in millions of dollars in compensation is not in line with the way the system actually works.

Most successful personal injury claims settle or otherwise result in compensation that is much more modest. Compensation that amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars is much more common. This important reality is that these claims do not make people rich and they do not push companies unjustly to the brink of bankruptcy. Most of these cases involve life-altering injuries, and the compensation is awarded because the plaintiff has shown that the defendant was negligent and caused those life-altering injuries. Plaintiffs have to present a great deal of evidence to prove their cases, and without ample evidence, the case will not be successful, and the defendant will not be willing to settle, and a jury will not be willing to award any money.

The funds paid out from lawsuits are an important way to protect people from becoming destitute as the result of another’s negligence and are a way to promote safety standards and responsible behavior.

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