Pursuing a Slip and Fall Claim in Chicago

Summer is here and we are all getting out of the house much more frequently.   As Midwesterners with limited great weather months we tend to cram in all of our fun now and this added exposure to parks and public places increases our odds of possibly being injured. There are a million reasons why we might get injured from a slip and fall and the steps we take following a fall are critical to ensuring that our right to a recovery for another’s negligence is protected.

First, we need to make sure the fall is reported to the property owner at the time we fell. Most restaurant and public establishments like grocery stores or amusement parks or any place of business that invites members of the public to their establishment have accident forms that are to be completed at the time of your fall that will detail the cause of your fall and the time and location of your fall and list the witnesses and store employees that your spoke with. Ask for a copy of this report and get the card or contact info of the person that completed the form before you leave.

Next, whenever possible take photographs of the scene or cause of your accident. Wet spills or leaks or hazardous conditions will quickly get cleaned up and corrected so documenting the condition that caused your fall will be helpful in proving that another’s negligence caused your injuries. Most all of us have cell phones that can take pictures or video so utilize this feature and capture on film the condition that caused you to fall. If the condition is one that can’t me mopped up like a cracked stair or sidewalk or a faulty handrail or door, then don’t hesitate to ask a family member or friend to go back to the scene of the accident and take a photo.

Lastly, please seek immediate medical attention. In today’s age when we are all working and raising kids and have 8 million responsibilities, it’s hard to make time to see a doctor. We push it off and delay seeing a doctor after our accidents. This is a huge mistake and often the death sentence to your ability to successfully bring an injury claim for a slip and fall accident. The longer you wait the less likely the insurance company for the property will be to believe that your injuries were caused by the slip and fall accident that happened 2, 3 or more days ago. And more important than the value of your injury claim, you might have a more serious injury than originally thought and the longer you delay the more difficult your recovery could be or the less likely you will be able to make a full recovery. So, do not delay getting checked at the nearest emergency room and following up with your family doctor.

And finally, call an attorney right away. Speaking with one of our attorneys is a FREE consultation and the sooner you make the call the better able we are to protect your rights and provide ideal representation. Witnesses tend to disappear and store employees get let go and dangerous conditions on the property get quickly removed or corrected, so the faster you speak with an attorney the better able they are to protect your rights and develop your case. Contact us today for a free consultation at 312.422.0500.