Rear-End Accident Injuries

Rear-end crashes are extremely common types of accidents that take place daily across the country. Many of these crashes are fender benders that take place when someone bumps another car at an intersection. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are more serious and lead to physical injuries.

People are often surprised to find that they suffer some fairly serious injuries even from seemingly minor rear-endcrashes. A crash that does little damage to a vehicle can still cause injuries to the occupants, and some of these injuries might not be completely noticeable when they first occur. A person might have adrenaline flowing after a crash and experience confusion and shock making it difficult to access the injuries immediately.

Concussions are a common car accident related injury that arecaused when the impact jerks a person’s head in different directions. The individual’s braincan be compressed and hit the inside of the skull. There might be no outward signs of injuries, but the person might experience blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, light sensitivity, and trouble concentrating after an accident indicating that a brain injury likely occurred. More severe brain injuries also result from car crashes and while they are less common, they can lead to brain swelling and can be deadly.

Soft tissue injuries are also common. These injuries cause inflammation and nerve damage, andthey might not show up immediately after a crash. The pain and stiffness can increase in the days and weeks after a person is involved in an accident.

Herniated disks are also common in rear-end accidents. Herniated disks involve the disks bulging and tearing in a person’s spine. This injury can be painful and in extreme cases, lead to paralysis.

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