Rear-End Collision Accident Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois

Rear-end collisions (where one vehicle strikes the vehicle in front of it) are a common occurrence in cities and communities across the nation. Nonetheless, this does not mean that rear-end collisions are not capable of causing terrible, painful, and potentially-debilitating injuries. “Whiplash” – an injury caused when a person’s head whips violently backwards and forwards, causing injury to the brain, spinal cord, and head – is just one of several types of serious injuries that are commonly found in rear-end collisions. These injuries can cause significant pain and require considerable time and money in order to properly treat.

Rear-end collisions are almost always the result of careless behaviors. It is extremely rare for a rear-end collision to come about as the result of forces beyond any person’s control. The driver of a vehicle that is following another vehicle may be following too closely considering the traffic and weather conditions, or the driver may be distracted by a cell phone, text message, or other distraction and fail to see that the car in front of him or her has slowed or stopped. Drivers can also contribute to a rear-end collision by not keeping up surrounding traffic, stopping suddenly, or making a turn without giving a proper signal.

Regardless of which driver causes or is primarily responsible for causing a rear-end collision, the occupants of the vehicle that is rear-ended will almost always experience more serious injuries than the driver and any passengers in the other vehicle. Because of the potential for drivers and passengers to suffer injuries to their head, neck, and brains, it is highly advisable for these individuals to accept medical assistance and at least be evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible following the accident. This is especially true if the individuals truck his or her head or lost consciousness during the crash.


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