Ridesharing Companies Such as Lyft and Uber See a Rise in Auto Accidents

Study Shows that Cities with Ridesharing Companies Such as Lyft and Uber See a Rise in Auto Accidents

UNITED STATES – According to an online news article published by www.capecodtoday.com, a recent study reveals that cities with ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber are seeing an increasing number of auto accidents.

The University of Chicago and Rice University in Houston conducted a study concerning ridesharing companies, such as Lyft and Uber, and the prevalence of auto accidents.  The study reveals that there has been a 3% increase in the number of fatal auto accidents after the introduction of ridesharing vehicles into the transportation industry.

The study notes that there are a significant number of benefits associated with ridesharing services, making it easier for individuals to obtain transportation at any given time day or night.  However, there are also many costs associated with the ridesharing industry.  For example, the loss of human life resulting from ridesharing auto accidents is substantial, having an estimated impact of a loss of $10 billion on the economy, if applying the United States Department of Transportation’s numerical value of human life.

Another significant change in the transportation industry following the introduction of ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber is that taxis and other similar transportation companies are no longer as prevalent.  Before ridesharing companies entered the transportation industry, people would utilize taxis or other paid transportation services as well as get a ride from family members or friends.  Ridesharing companies have changed the industry in a way where many people look to these companies before considering hiring a taxi, another paid transportation service, or seeking a ride from family members and friends.

Illinois Personal Injury Lawsuits Involving Ridesharing Companies

Personal injury lawsuits involving injuries and deaths resulting from ridesharing accidents have become extremely tricky as drivers of ridesharing vehicles are not considered employees.  The ridesharing companies do not own the vehicles that drivers are operating.  As such, if an injured person or the representative of a deceased victim chooses to pursue legal action, assessing liability may be difficult.


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