Rollover Crash Kills Child in East Side, Chicago, Illinois

October 11, 2018 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports that a 3-year-old boy is dead following a rollover wreck. The crash happened on Sunday morning, in the East Side neighborhood, in the 9800 block of South Avenue G. The driver of the vehicle that the boy was riding in hit a pole, and the vehicle rolled onto its side. When police arrived at the crash scene, no one was in the vehicle. They were later notified that the driver of the rolled vehicle and her passengers had gone to Trinity Hospital, where the boy was pronounced dead. The boy had died from injuries he sustained in the wreck, and his death has been declared an accident. No one else that was in the vehicle when it crashed was injured.

Reports regarding the accident mentioned above do not discuss whether the little boy was riding in a child safety seat, or whether his car seat was being used correctly at the time of the crash. Data collected from accidents involving child fatalities indicate that some crashes are not survivable, even when a child is buckled correctly into an appropriate car seat. However, in the majority of accidents, child safety seats save lives. The primary way that child safety seats save lives is by keeping children inside of vehicles that crash. The risk of death is much higher for children and other vehicle occupants that are ejected during automobile collisions. Choosing an appropriate child safety seat for your child can be tricky, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the age, size, and weight of child that can use each car seat in your vehicle. Also, follow all instructions for securing each child safety seat, and for buckling the child into it.

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