Rollover Crash on I-57 Hospitalizes Two in Peotone, Illinois

PEOTONE, IL- reports that a vehicle rolled over on Interstate 57 on Friday morning. The crash closed down the northbound lanes around Wilmington-Peotone Road and injured two individuals.

The vehicle involved was traveling southbound on I-57 when the driver lost control and veered over the median into the northbound lanes of I-57. The driver of the vehicle and the passenger were both transported to the hospital with injuries.

Rollovers are an extremely dangerous type of car accident that results in a high number of fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA), rollovers only account for a small percentage of total car crashes. Data from 2010 indicated that only 2.1% of crashes that year involved a vehicle rolling over. That same year, close to 35% of all vehicle occupant deaths occurred in rollover crashes. Thisindicates that when a vehicle rolls over, the chances of a fatality are quite high.

The good news is that seatbelts are highly effective in preventing car accident-related deaths in rollover crashes. In fact, the majority of people killed in rollover collisions, 69%, were not using a seat belt when they crashed.

Seat belts greatly reduce a person’s risk of being ejected from a vehicle in the event of a collision. People who are thrownfrom vehicles in collisions do not have a strong chance of surviving the collision. In any type ofcrash, if a person is ejected from the vehicle that they are traveling in, they have about a 75% chance of dying. They also prevent vehicle occupants from smashing into the roof of the vehicle as it tumbles over, which can help prevent serious injuries and death.

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