School Bus Involved in Head-On Crash in Posen, Illinois

POSEN, Illinois — A school bus filled with high school students collided head-on with a Dodge Charger in adverse weather conditions on Thursday, November 15, 2018, according to the Chicago Tribune. Law enforcement authorities said that weather was a contributing factor in the 8:00 a.m. accident that took place close to the intersection of 147th and Whipple Streets in Posen. Posen Police concluded their investigation and determined that the driver of the Dodge Charger did not commit any infraction and therefore did not issue a ticket.

Ambulance personnel transported 23 out of the 29 students from Bremen High School who were on the school bus during the accident.None of the students complained of injuries. However, the school administrators instructed that each student who could not obtain a verbal waiver of treatment from a parent or guardian at the scene need to go to the hospital to be cleared. School officials sent word to parents to pick their child up at the local hospital.

Posen police said that driver of a Dodge Charger pulled out of a gas station going east on 147th Street when the driver lost control over the car. The bus,  heading west,was right in the path of the Charger and crashed. Police did not cite the operator of theCharger because the slick road conditions caused the crash. The driver’s actions, according to police, did not contribute to the crash.

The driver of the Charger did not require medical assistance. Officers were able to speak with parents of 6 of the students who gave permission to waive treatment at the hospital. The 23 remaining students had to go to the hospital for precautionary examinations. School department protocols require students who are not old enough to decline medical treatment on their own mandate that the students go to the hospital for an examination unless police can get waivers over the phone at the scene.

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