School Buses Filled with Children Rammed from Behind by Big Rig; 17 People Hurt

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. — School-aged children from a local YMCA camp riding on three yellow school buses to a nearby beach for a field day never arrived as scheduled. Instead, a big rig pulling a trailer full of dirt, concrete, and rocks slammed into the rear of one bus. The first bus went violently forward into the back of the first and second busses in line. The crashes caused multiple injuries. Fortunately, however, most of the injuries were minor. However, one child remained hospitalized for further treatment and evaluation even after all of the others were discharged according to CBS 2 Chicago. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash and opened an investigation.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office told the press that the multi-vehicle accident happened around 10:45 in the morning. Deputies said that both buses were traveling westerly on Route 137 through Libertyville when they slowed because traffic began to build up. Around the area of River Road, a 1998 Mack Truck hauling landscaping debris could not stop in time to stop from plowing into the rear of one of the busses. The impact propelled the first bus into the second bus, jarring the 144 schoolchildren and camp counselors chaperoning the children on the trip. 

Numerous first responders flocked to the site of the collision. Law enforcement officers, Libertyville fire department paramedics along with rescuers from five departments, worked the accident scene. Medics transported ten children and seven adults to area hospitals f treatment of minor injuries. By 4:30 that afternoon, only two victims remained hospitalized. Their current medical status is not known at this time.

Lake County Sheriff’s deputies are expected to cite the driver of the Mack Truck for not braking in time to avoid a crash. None of the drivers sustained any injuries in the multi-vehicle wreck. Those children who did not go to the hospital received transport back to the camp to await the arrival of their parents or guardians. 


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