Semi Truck Accident in Sterling, Illinois Leads to Citations for Two Drivers

Semi Truck Accident in Sterling, Illinois Leads to Citations for Two Drivers
December 14, 2018 Denise Sakuta
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STERLING, IL- writes that an accident involving a semi-truck took place in Sterling on Thursday, December 13, 2018, at a little after 11 in the morning. The crash occurred where Illinois Route 2 intersects with 35thAvenue.*

The driver of the semi-truck, Rashid A. Turkmani od Kitchener, Ontario, was traveling east on Illinois Route 2 and attempted to make a U-turn from the right turn lane. The truck collided with a 2012 Dodge that was driven by Taylor Whiles, 19, of Sterling, Illinois.

Whiles was injured in the crash and was transported to a nearby hospital. Reports indicate that the injuries are not life-threatening.

Workers were on site clearing the scene of the crash until about 1:22 in the afternoon.

The incident caused the closure of a segment of Route 2, extending from Polo Road to Lyn Boulevard as a result of a fuel leak in the truck.

Police cited Turkmani for attempting an improper U-turn and issued a ticket to Whiles for driving without a valid license.

U-turns are recognized as an incredibly dangerous driving maneuver. In many places, U-turns are illegal in addition to being hazardous. Other drivers often do not expect another vehicle to make a U-turn, and so the maneuver can often catch people off guard. This means that a faster vehicle moving straight may not have time to react to another person’s decision to make a U-turn.

Another issue is that U-turns require a lot of space. In the most dangerous scenario, a vehicle will not have the space necessary to make a U-turn without crossing over additional lanes of traffic. When trucks attempt this maneuver, it can lead to often deadly run-under collisions which involve a vehicle becoming wedged beneath the trailer on a truck.

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