Semi-Truck Catches Fire After Hitting Bus on Interstate 294 in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL- writes that a semi-truck hit a charter bus at about 6:51 in the evening on Interstate 294. The impact caused by the crash led to the truck bursting into flames. Thecharter bus then became engulfed in flames as well.*

The driver of the truck, a 37-year-old woman,suffered injuries in the collision and was transported to the Elmhurst Hospital where she was reportedly in good condition.

The charter bus was not occupied at the time of the crash. The company, Peoria Charter, runs 14 buses to and from Chicago from Peoria daily. When it was hit, the bus was on the side of the road and disabled.

Large semi-trucks are difficult to maneuver and take a long time to come to a stop. These vehicles weigh at least 20 times as much as passenger vehicles and are tall and unwieldy. It takes skill and experience to operate on of these vehicles safely, and even a skilled operator can find it difficult to avoid a collision because it is not possible to make last minute corrections to avoid accidents.

In addition to the difficulty of driving a large truck, drivers can often find themselves behind the wheels of one of these massive vehicles for extremely long stretches of time. The law permits drivers to operate semi-trucks for stretches of up to 11 hours at a time. Many semi-truck drivers admit that they drive for even longer periods of time despite the fact that doing so is a legal violation. Being fatigued while driving a large truck can create dangerous situations for everyone on the road, including the driver.

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