Semi Truck Crashes on Interstate 90 in Cherry Valley, Illinois

Two Separate Semi Truck Crashes Occur on Interstate 90

Cherry Valley, Illinois– April 29, 2018 (, According to reports on and, two separate, unrelated accidents involving tractor-trailers occurred near Magic Waters on Sunday. The first crash happened when a semi truck flipped over while navigating an exit ramp on Interstate 90. The second accident happened a few hours later when a tractor-trailer hit a wall on Interstate 90. No injuries have been reported in connection with the first accident, but there are reports of injuries in the second crash.

Accidents involving tractor trailers have the potential to cause death, serious injury, and massive amounts of property damage. These enormous vehicles can weigh up to eighty thousand pounds. Many semi-trailers share the roads with passenger vehicles all across America, at all hours of the day and night.

There are characteristics of tractor trailers that increase the possibility that they will get involved in accidents, despite the training and licensing requirements that their operators must fulfill before getting behind the wheel. For example, tractor trailers need much more space than passenger vehicles require to come to a complete stop. If a semi truck is moving at sixty miles per hour when the driver applies the brakes, the truck will move more than the length of a football field before it stops completely. The drivers of tractor trailers are therefore limited in their ability to respond to the sudden presence of things in their path, whether it’s a vehicle that switches lanes abruptly without leaving enough room behind it or an animal that darts into the road. Some tractor trailers even carry flammable, hazardous, or other dangerous cargo that can cause additional injuries or deaths in the event of a crash.