Seven Car Crash on The Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago Illinois

CHICAGO — A seven-car pile up on The Eisenhower Expressway inbound toward Chicago left six people hurt, one critically, while Illinois State Police lead two other people involved in the crash away from the scene in handcuffs, according to The investigating officers did not comment on whether they made the arrests because of actions related to causing the crash or whether the arrests were for unrelated charges.

The seven-car pile-uphappened in the early morning hours of Sunday, August 26, 2018. The incident happenedon 290 near Central Park around 1:00 a.m. The wreck happenedunder the overpassbetween Central Park and Independence. News reports indicate that the crash provoked an enormous response from Illinois State Police. Emergency medical services technicians also flocked to the area to treat the wounded.

Illinois State Police suspected that the driver ofa white sports utility vehicle causedthe crash. Police said that the occupants of the white SUV then bailed on and ran on foot away from the crash scene. The white SUV reportedly struck several cars before coming to a stop.

The enormity of the crash scene caused the State Police to close the Eisenhower Expressway for several hours. The crash necessitated road closure for several reasons. First, several people suffered injuries that required medical attention. One person left the scene under the care of medical personnel in critical condition. Second, cleanup crews and tow trucks had to remove the battered cars which were strewn all over the road. Two carslooked like they were hitin the front and rear. Third, the State Police were investigating a possible crime if the driver of the white SUV whose actions precipitated the crash ran away from the crash site.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing. The Illinois State Police did not officially state what charges they were likely to bring, if any, for the crash. There is no word on the current medical condition ofany of those injured in the crash.

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