Severe Crash Sends Two to the Hospital in Springfield, Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Springfield Fire Department, along with police and ambulance personnel, responded to a severe crash at Dirksen Parkway and Peoria Road. First responders received the emergency call in the afternoon hours of Wednesday, November 14, 2018, according to Fox Illinois. The Springfield police continue to investigate the accident.

Two people required transport to a local hospital Wednesday in the aftermath of a serious crash. The medical condition of the two people is not known at this time. Fire officials did not say how the crash might have occurred or whether the vehicles were occupied by more persons than their respective drivers. Fire officials did say that their Engine 10 responded to the crash to help with caring for the injured motorists.

Springfield fire officials from Local 37 took photographs of the accident scene and posted them online.  The fire department did not say how the vehicles crashed into each other. The photos show a black pickup truck, with substantial damage to the front of the truck. The collision folded the hood of the truck and pushed the hood and engine back toward the passenger compartment as though it struck the other vehicle head-onbut was turning slightly to the left at impact.

The other car involved has damage to the front passenger’s side quarter, moving down the car into the passenger’s door. The passenger car, which appears to be a Buick sedan, looks like a can opener pried away fromthe metal from the car. The front axle appears to be broken based on the angle of the front tire. Both vehicles are most likely totaled for insurance purposes.

The pictures of the passenger car show an airbag placed on the roof of the car. The picture of the truck does not show an airbag. The photo also depicts the pickup in the center of the road while the sedan sits next to it, but on a concrete median. Both cars face the same direction.

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