Sideswipe Accident Injury Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois

How Do Sideswipe Wrecks Occur?

Sideswipe accidents are common occurrences on Chicagoland roads. Sideswipe accidents can be hazardous. A sideswipe accident is most likely to happen while driving on an Interstate or another multi-lane thoroughfare. Anyone who has been in a motor vehicle while traveling on a multi-lane road has most likely observed one car begin to enter a lane to the left or right when another car is in the adjacent lane. Sometimes, an alert defensive driver can maneuver out of the way and avoid a crash. Other times, a collision is inevitable. Sideswipe crashes like these happen because the driver switching lanes did not look and confirm the path was clear before changing lanes. Failing to signal is a common component of a sideswipe accident. Drunk or distracted drivers can also cause sideswipe accidents by losing control over the car and weaving in and out of his or her lane.

The Types of Injuries That Occur in Sideswipe Crashes

Today’s vehicles do not protect the occupants of a car from a strike on the side of the car. Although some cars have side curtain airbags, many do not. Consequently, sideswipe accidents when one car bumps the other may cause a severe injury requiring immediate medical attention. However, when a sideswipe accident forces a vehicle to spin out of control, roll over, or go into a skid, then the injuries could be catastrophic or even fatal. The forces applied to the occupants of the car when they are hit in a sideswipe accident throw the head, neck, shoulders, hips, arms, and legs rapidly in all directions, leading to injury or death. Therefore, common injuries people suffer in sideswipe accidents are whiplash, deep lacerations from broken glass, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and death, along with other injuries.

What Type of Monetary Compensation or Damages Could I Recover?

Victims of sideswipe crashes in Chicago may recover damages for the injuries sustained in the crash as well as the consequential damages suffered as a direct consequence of the sideswipe accident. Sideswipe accident victims can recover monetary awards for medical losses, financial losses, along with pain and suffering in a Chicago sideswipe accident. 


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