Single-Car Crash Injures One in Wheeler, Illinois

WHEELER, Ill. — A single-car accident in Wheeler, Illinois inflicted injuries upon the driver. The crash happened on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, around 3:25 p.m. according to the Effingham Daily News. The driver of the vehicle required an airlift to a nearby trauma center for emergency treatment of her injuries. Police have not released any factors contributing to the crash.*

Illinois State Police responded to an accident on Jasper County road in Wheeler Wednesday. The State Police said that the driver and sole occupant, Dawn Meinhart was driving easterly on Jasper County Road in the 1300N area, located just to the west of West Street in Wheeler when the crash happened. The 35-year-old operator drove her 2017 gray Chrysler motor vehicle off of the road just south of 1300N. The car sped through private yards until the car came to rest after colliding with a parked truck. The truck was parked in a driveway associated with one of the homes on Jasper County Road.

The driver of the car, Ms. Meinhart, was severely injured in the crash. Her injuries necessitated rescue personnel to arrange for a med-flight to Carle Foundation Hospital located in Urbana. There is no word on the woman’s physical condition from police at this time. The investigating officers will not say if they intend on charging the driver with any crimes or issue any notice of a civil violation. The officers may not learn what happened if there were no witnesses to the event.

No one else was hurt in the event. Investigators did not say if the damage to the truck was extensive. Additionally, officers did not describe the amount of damage inflicted upon Ms. Meinhart’s vehicle either. Furthermore, police did not say how much damage may have been done to the private property through which the car drove before finally coming to a stop.

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