Skull Fractures After Car Accidents in Illinois

Skull fractures are common injuries experienced after car accidents in Illinois. Unrestrained motorists run the risk of sustaining a skull fracture if they strike their head on the dashboard, support pillars, steering wheel, windshield, or another hard object in the car. Naturally, the risk of sustaining a skull fracture can be reduced by using a seatbelt and making sure that the airbags in the car are correctly working. Taking those simple countermeasures against injuries in car accidents will reduce the risk of being tossed around the car or entirely out of the car.

Skull fractures are unlike other broken bones in our bodies. Skull fractures can happen contemporaneously with a traumatic head injury. Striking the head hard enough to break the skull can easily cause concussions, hemorrhaging, hematoma, and even cut the brain. Recovery from a skull fracture is long and painful. 

Doctors assign a skull fracture to a particular category of skull fractures: linear skull fractures, comminuted skull fractures, and basilar skull fractures. A linear skull fracture occurs most often and happens when Contact compresses the skull, bending it inward. The surrounding skull bows outward in response to the compression, breaking the skull in a line. In the rarest cases, the line can grow if brain swelling persists to.

Comminuted skull fractures are much less common than linear fractures. A comminuted skull fracture results from the bone pressing inward and shattering. The shattered bone fragments can lacerate the outer brain tissue. This type of skull fracture can leave a depression on the skull surface. 

Finally, basilar skull fractures occur when the base of the skull breaks from traumatic impact. Basilar skull fractures occur in only four percent of all skull fracture diagnoses. A famous racecar driver perished from complications associated with a basilar skull fracture Basilar skull fractures can push cerebrospinal fluid through the nose and ears, which is a dangerous medical condition.


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