Snow Plow Involved in Fatal Car Accident in Wabasha

WABASHA- writes that one person died and another was severely injured on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, in a collision involving a snow plow. The crash occurred at about 7:34 in the evening on State Highway 60.

The victims were traveling westbound in a Ford Fusion when they reportedly turned in front of the snow plow. The plow hit the Ford, and the smaller vehicle became caught in the snow plow’s blade.

The victim was identified as Mr. Castro, 26, of Iowa. Castro, who was a passenger in the vehicle, tragically died in the accident. The driver was identified as 22-year-old Mr. Ortega of Chicago. Ortega sustained severe, life-threatening injuries in the collision.

The person operating the plow did not suffer any injuries.

Alcohol is not believed to have been involved in the crash. Everyone involved had their seatbelts on when the vehicles collided.

Snow plows help keep the roads safe when winter weather hits and makes the roads slick. Snow plows and de-icing vehicles cut down on the number of crashes by reducing roadway risks. Winter weather still causes many crashes annually, but the numbers would be far higher without the vehicles that maintain our roads during the worst types of driving weather.

While snowplows are used to make the roads safe, it is important to remember to give them plenty of room. These vehicles are driving in difficult conditions, and the drivers are frequently tired after working long shifts in a stressful environment. Plows often have to swerve around roadway obstacles or stop quickly, andit is important not to ride too closely behind them, especially on slippery roads.