Southbound Lakeshore Drive Closed Due to Vehicle Collision in Chicago, Illinois

CHICAGO, IL- writes that a multiple-vehicle collision took place on Lake Shore Drive on Sunday, December 30, 2018. The crash closed down the southbound lanes from 56th Street through 57th Street.*

At least one person was reportedly injured in the accident. The victim was brought to the University of Chicago Medical Center and was reportedly in critical condition.

The accident likely was in part caused by the icy roadway.

While most car accidents are the result of driver errors, weather can often factor into accidents and is sometimes the main cause of crashes. While rain causes more weather-related accidents than any other type of inclement weather, ice is a major road issue, and might only cause fewer crashes than rain because it is less common than rain and does not often occur on roads in many parts of the country.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) reports that on average, about 3 percent of all crashes are caused by icy roads. This means that each year, about 156,164 collisions occur because of ice on roads. Those collisions lead to 41,860 injuries, and 521 average fatalities each year.

The most important thing for drivers to remember whentraveling on potentially icy roads is to slow down. No matter what the speed limit is on the road,vehicles should never go more than 45 miles per hour on icy roads. In fact, a vehicle can lose control at much slower speeds as well.

In some cases, no matter how cautious the driver, icy roads might be too risky. The only way to stay safe might be to avoid driving all together until the roads are clear.

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