Stay-at-Home Mother Fall Injury at an Target Parking Lot in Illinois?

Target stores, like every retailer in Illinois, must keep its premises, including its parking lots, free from dangerous conditions. A retail store like Target is not an insurer against all possible harm that could occur in a parking lot. However, Target stores in Illinois must keep their parking lots clear of any hazardous conditions that are known to Target employees or could reasonably become known to Target employees upon inspection. Target would be liable for damages to an injured person if the store acted unreasonably by not making sure its parking lot was safe for people to use.

One hazard of which Target should be aware of is ice. Ice can form after mounds of snowmelt during the warmth of the day, and the ice melt refreezes once the temperatures drop again. Anyone who has experienced winter in Illinois knows that large piles of snow piled up in parking lot begins to melt as spring approaches, but the nights are still cold, and ice is common. Target must protect its shoppers against the unnatural build up of snow and ice that happens when freshly fallen snow is plowed into giant mounds.

Target is liable to someone who falls on ice for damages. A slip and fall victim in Illinois can recover damages for medical bills, expenses, pain, and suffering as well as lost wages. Even a stay-at-home mother can recover damages. Meticulously documenting how your Target slip and fall injuries have diminished your ability to be a mother to your children will help you recover the maximum amount for your slip and fall settlement. As a stay-at-home mother, you can receive compensation for pain and suffering as well as compensation for the loss you feel because you have a hard time or find it impossible to care for your children without assistance. As a mother who was injured through no fault of your own, there are few feelings worse than the constant frustration and helplessness you feel because another’s negligence prevents you from taking care of the ones you love most.

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