Suspect Arrested In Connection With Hit-And-Run Crash

(WGN 9) According to an article on, the suspect in a fatal hit-and-run accident has been identified and arrested. Thirty-eight-year-old Nehemiah Williams is charged with multiple felonies, including reckless homicide, driving with a revoked license, and leaving the site of a fatal accident, in connection with a recent hit-and-run crash that left Amanda Stanton dead.

Amanda Stanton was head coach of the girls’ softball team at Oswego High School. She was walking in the area near where the crash occurred when she got hit by a driver who fled the crash scene in a silver Chrysler Pacifica. Stanton died from injuries caused by the collision, and her body was found in the area where the collision occurred. After the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office made the description of the suspect’s vehicle public, tips started to come in. The leads provided by the public assisted investigators in locating and recovering the vehicle, which, in turn, led to identification and arrest of the suspect.

Hit-and-run accidents are tragic because when a driver leaves the scene of a crash, they leave behind injured people who could die if they do not get medical attention right away. While it is not certain that Amanda Stanton would have recovered from the injuries she sustained in the crash, she would have had a better chance of survival if she had received medical attention after the crash instead of being left for dead. Another tragic thing about hit-and-run accidents is that the drivers responsible for the injuries and any deaths caused by the collision are often difficult to locate. Sometimes the family and friends of those whose loved ones got hurt or killed in a hit-and-run wreck must wait weeks, months, or even longer before authorities determine who was responsible for a wreck, locate them and bring them to justice.

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