SUV Plummets Off of Lake Shore Drive Overpass in Chicago

CHICAGO — The Chicago Patch is reporting that six people suffered injuries when the sports utility vehicle in which they rode drove off of an overpass and crashed into the roadway below. Chicago Police are now investigating whether the operator of that SUV was driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Accordingly, the police detained the driver to investigate their suspicions more diligently.

Chicago police responded to Lake Shore Drive and a construction area on LaSalle Drive to investigate reports from witnesses who said an SUV drove off of an overpass. Chicago police received emergency calls around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.  Upon arriving at the crash scene, officers found that an SUV had driven off of the Lake Shore Drive overpass and into construction equipment below at the 100 blockof East LaSalle Drive.

The initial made by the responding officers reveals that the driver may have been speeding when taking an exit on Lake Shore Drive according to the Chicago Tribune. A photograph of the crash depicts the SUV lying on its driver’s side on the ground below the overpass after colliding with construction equipment.

All of the occupants of the vehicle — the driver and five passengers — suffered some degree of injury. Police did not discuss the severity of thewoundsof any of those who were hurtin the crash. Chicago police have not provided an update as to the injured passengers and the driver’s physical status or their prognosis except to indicate that physicians stabilized all of those injured in the incident.

The investigating officers detained the driver pending the outcome of their investigation into the sobriety of the driver. The officers did not indicate what triggered their suspicion beyond the fact that the driver drove off of an overpass. Furthermore, the police did not say whether they formally arrested the driver and for what crimes.

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