large passenger van

The Danger of Large Passenger Vans

There are many reasons why large vans are so appealing. With large groups of people, the costs associated with transportation can quickly add up. Taking multiple cars also means multiple trips to the gas station, multiple tolls, as well as the difficulty of coordinating with one another. Flying can be extremely expensive. But with a large passenger van, you only have the costs associated with one vehicle. That’s why they are often a popular solution for transporting seniors or others who may need help with getting around. 

Not as Safe as They Seem

It may seem as though large vans are safer than cars due to the fact that they are bigger and heavier, but because of the dangers that are associated with them, this is not necessarily true. Here are just some of the dangers associated with large passenger vans.

Inexperienced Drivers

While it takes a commercial license to legally drive a bus, it does not take one to drive a large van. Unfortunately, many of the individuals operating large vans are not trained to drive them. This poses a real problem, as large vans prove more difficult to stop and to steer – especially when needing to drive around things. While the driver of a car can make some pretty serious mistakes, those same mistakes are only amplified when driving a large passenger van. 

Failure to Wear Seatbelts

In much the same way that children on buses don’t wear seatbelts (even when available), it has become quite normal for passengers of vans to do the same. Despite having seatbelts many do not wear them because they don’t think of vans as being dangerous, desire to be more comfortable, have a long trip, or are cramped with lots of luggage. However, failure to wear a seatbelt is the leading cause of death in all van accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 80 percent of van occupants who were not wearing their seatbelts during a serious crash died. 

Likelihood of Rollovers

Vans have a higher center of gravity, which causes them a higher likelihood of rolling over. Rollovers can occur for many reasons such as speeding, colliding with another vehicle, taking turns too quickly, or hitting a hazard in the road. Rollovers in a passenger van can be extremely serious – if not deadly – especially when they are packed with people and luggage. 

Stein & Shulman LLC Can Help Those Who Have Been Injured in a Van Accident

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