The Three Categories of Facial Injuries in Accidents

Facial injuries that result from a collision between two vehicles or the collision between a car and the human body, whether in another car, in a truck, on foot, on a motorcycle, or bicycle generally fall into three categories. Those categories are soft tissue injuries, fractures, and contusions. These injuries are not mutually exclusive, of course, and an accident victim might suffer one or more facial injuries in a Chicago auto accident. 

Injuries to the soft tissue of a person’s face encompass a variety of injuries. Soft tissue injuries can be lacerations, scrapes, abrasions, and other injuries involving the skin and musculature of the face, including the eyes. Cuts on the face from broken glass, striking a hard object, or sliding across the ground may require reconstructive surgery and numerous sutures to repair. As such, they can leave horrific scars and could lead to deformities, especially if the person was burned.

All of the bones in a person’s head and face are vulnerable in an auto accident. Broken noses, jaws, teeth, and skull fractures are common in auto accidents. The accident victim might need reconstructive surgery to repair and face a lengthy and grueling recovery.

Finally, contusions can occur whenever the face or head strikes a hard object. Contusions can lead to hemorrhaging, which can be deadly. Contusions may also indicate that the victim could suffer from a traumatic brain injury or TBI.

Irrespective of what type of injury the Chicago accident victim sustains, the victim deserves to receive substantial compensation not only for his or her injuries, but also the pain the person must endure as a consequence of another’s actions. Illinois law permits the facial injury victim to receive compensation for the physical pain he or she suffered as well as the emotional pain he or she must endure. Sometimes the emotional scars ensure longer than the physical cuts and scars last. 


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