The trail for Hit-and-Run Driver that Killed Two Men Goes Cold

CHICAGO — Two men were killed instantly when a speeding motorist crashed into the car in which they were riding head-on. The other driver ran away from the crime scene, leaving a trail of blood. The Chicago Tribune reported that the fatal accident happened on Thursday, November 15, 2018, in the early morning hours. Chicago police continue to pursue the suspect.

Chicago Police and the Illinois State Police are searching for the driver of a Ford Fusion that came speeding from  the Dan Ryan Expressway headed north on State Street, then turned onto 71st Street and plowed into a black SUV carrying two people. The two men in the SUV died almost instantaneously; the driver of the Fusion jumped out and ran away. Police followed the fleeing driver’s trail of blood before the tracks went cold.

The evidence police have gathered to this point shows that around 1:05 a.m., a state trooper happened to be on State Street some distance behind the SUV when the Fusion careened into SUV. The trooper chased after the fleeing driver who ran behind a gas station and then hopped a fence. The man evaded the trooper on foot pursuit. Sometime later, a supervising officer asked over the police radio how certain the officers at the scene were about the driver’s direction of flight. The officer replied that the trail of blood ledthem in that direction.

Chicago police investigators flooded the scene and spoke with horrified witnesses who were at the gas station and observed the crash. Debris littered the ground and was scattered across the ground and into the parking lot of the gas station.

Authorities say that 42-year-old James Moore and 35-year-old Jerome Clopton were killed in the crash. Doctors at the University of Chicago Medical Centerpronounced the two South Side residents dead.

There was no word on whether police managed to identify the escapee.

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