Three Vehicles Collide on Route 51 in Marion County, Illinois

MARION COUNTY, IA- reports that a crash on Old Route 51 in Centralia led to injuries on October 6, 2018. At about 9:36 p.m. a Chevrolet Traverse that was driving south veered over the northbound lanes and went into a ditch. The Traverse then drive back onto the road and stopped.

A northbound Harley Davidson hit the back of the Traverse, and so did a red GMC pickup truck that was driving north at about the same time as the motorcycle. The GMC truck sustained damage from the debris around the crash site.

The motorcyclist suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Police reports indicate that the driver of the Traverse, 45-year-old Lesa Oettle, of Centralia, was issued citations for driving under the influence, for leaving the scene of an accident involving an injury, and for improper lane usage.

Drunk driving puts everyone on the road at risk. While awareness campaigns and laws have managed to reduce the number of drunk drivers and drunk driving related accidents, alcohol still frequently factors into collisions in Illinois and in the United States in general.

In 2016, alcohol-related collisions led to the deaths of 272 people in Illinois. About 25 percent of people killed in all car accidents on Illinois roads that year were the result of collisions in which alcohol played a part. The well-known risks of drink driving were not enough to prevent thousands of people from getting behind the wheel after drinking. In 2016, police arrested 29,528 Illinois residents for driving under the influence. The financial costs of a DUI are also steep. Even without causing injuries or property damage, drivers can face thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance costs.

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