Top Ten Causes of Illinois Car Wrecks

Auto accidents in Illinois happen for many reasons. However, there are several causes, whether in isolation or in conjunction with another factor, cause Illinois motor vehicle crashes.

Distracted drivers

Cell phones, GPS devices, radios, texting while driving, talking while driving, and even passengers divide our attention while driving. State laws might prohibit certain behaviors like texting and driving, other practices, like talking on a hands-free device, could be legal but still, draw attention away from the most critical task.

Driving at Night

Limited visibility at night contributes to many accidents. Drivers must be careful and take an extra second, especially when the weather is terrible, to make sure their path is clear.


The cruel reality about inexperienced drivers causing accidents lies in the fact that they must drive to get experience. Inexperienced drivers tend to go too fast, make erratic decisions, and lose focus. 

Failing to Obey Traffic Laws

All motorists make mistakes. However, not stopping when indicated or not yielding to traffic in accordance with the law causes thousands of crashes annually.


Consuming alcohol or drugs, whether illicit, prescription or over-the-counter, cause crashes despite the public awareness that intoxication and inebriation in combination with operating a vehicle are inherently dangerous.


Many people fail to consider the effects of deteriorating weather on driving until it is too late. Rainstorms are dangerous within the first 10 minutes because the oils from the roadway come to the surface and make the roads slick. Also, pooling of water on roads is hazardous. Drivers need to slow down and leave space between the car in front to avoid collisions. 

Driving at Excessive Speeds

Driving excessively fast for road conditions can lead to severe crashes. Traveling the speed limit does not absolve a driver for causing an accident if traffic or the weather commands slower operation.


Tailgating is rude and obnoxious behavior, and not to mention highly dangerous. 

Road Rage

Tailgating and road rage are related. They stem from aggressive, angry driving that could be borne out of frustration or a deeply rooted psychological problem. 

Fatigued Driving

Continuing to drive while nodding off is a recipe for disaster. Pulling over is the safest move in that situation. 


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