Tractor-Trailer Truck Crash Forces Road Closure in Troy, Illinois

TROY, Ill. — reports that an early morning crash involving a tractor-trailer truck and possibly a tanker truck forced Illinois State Police to close the eastbound lanes of Interstate 270. The crash allegedly occurred just before 5 a.m. on Thursday, October 18, 2018. The Illinois State Police have not issued a statement as to how the accident happened or why. The crash remains under investigation.*

Illinois State and local police had no choice but to shut the road to all motorists on I-270 east at Route 55 in Troy, Illinois. A double tractor-trailer rolled over and blocked all of the eastbound lanes of traffic. The rear portion of the double trailer came to rest on the grassy median while the first trailer and the cab lay across the highway. Crews had to bring in an enormous tow truck, coupled with a boom crane to right the truck and move it out of the way so that authorities could reopen the road.

Righting the toppled truck took quite some time. Consequently, the responding police officers re-routed traffic headed easterly on I-270 to Route 55 southbound and around the accident scene. Even at that early hour, pre-dawn traffic backed up for miles. The traffic did not dissipate as morning broke ushering in the morning rush hour. Witnesses described the traffic as being at a “virtual standstill,” and the effects of the gridlock persisted well into the workday.

The responding officers did not indicate whether either of the drivers was injured in the crash. Additionally, none of the responding agencies offered any information as to how the accident transpired. Furthermore, none of the responding law enforcement agencies released any information regarding potential criminal charges or possible citations for violations of Illinois’ motor vehicle laws. Local and state authorities persist with the investigation.

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