Traffic Jam Following Crash on Interstate 57 in Illinois

ILLINOIS-  writes that a collision took place on Wednesday, December 26, 2018, during the afternoon. The collision happened in the southbound lanes andled to the lanes being closed for emergency responders to clear the vehicles.*

Traffic was backed up as the right lane was the only one that was opened. Police told drivers to be cautious in the area.

The scene was reportedly clear by about 2:57 p.m. and the road was reopened.

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence that impactsmost people throughout their driving years. The chances are, every average driver will be involved in around three or four car crashes throughout the course of their years behind the wheel. Fortunately, most of these accidents will only involve property damage. However, driving is likely one of the most dangerous things the average person does every day and tens of thousands of people are killedin car accidents each year.

Drivers can avoid many car crashes by being cautious and responsible. One common behavior to avoid is texting while driving. While texting and driving is against the law, many peoplestill engage in this behavior on a regular basis putting themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. Of course, drivers should never drive when they are under the influence of alcohol. For decades safe driving advocates have pushed to make drink driving a stigmatized behavior, and while the rate of drunk drivers has declined, alcohol still plays a role in many car crashes. Drugs are now becoming a more common factor in many accidents as well. Finally, drivers who do not speed will significantly reduce their risk of being in a crash.

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