Traffic Signs “This Is A Stop Sign.”

Though most of us might need a refresher course on the rules of the road, hopefully, all motorists know what a stop sign means. Police in Hanover Park have taken extra steps to ensure that all motorists understand the meaning of this particular type of sign in their community. According to NBC 5 Chicago, underneath the stop sign at a dangerous three-way intersection there is another red sign that says “This Is A Stop Sign.” Also, above the text of this other sign is a big arrow pointing to the stop sign itself. The deputy police chief said that this intersection was chosen because many residents complain about it, reports NBC 5. However, there is a potential problem with the additional sign; it does not comply with national standards for traffic signs, according to a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), but the department has not yet asked Hanover Park to remove the additional sign, according to NBC 5. Though citizens have reacted positively to the new sign, the Hanover Park deputy police chief said that the department will most likely take down the new sign, according to the website. This story highlights the importance of knowing the various traffic signs. Here are some reminders about what the color and shape of traffic signs usually mean.

Color of Signs

As you most likely know, red means stop or prohibits entry, according to Green means go or gives directions on where to proceed, suggests the website. Yellow means caution and serves as a general warning. Black and white signs inform motorists of regulations; speed limit signs are an example of this type of sign. When you see an orange sign, you will be entering a construction zone. Brown signs give information about recreation areas and scenic points of interest, according to Finally, blue signs provide information that assists drivers.

Shape of Signs

An octagon shape means stop. An upside down triangle means yield. A diamond sign warns of potential hazards that a driver will soon encounter. When you see a pennant shaped sign, this means that there will be a no passing zone ahead. Round signs indicate that there will be a railroad crossing. You will see a pentagon sign near a school zone or a school crossing zone, according to Horizontal rectangles provide guidance to drivers, and vertical rectangular signs serve as regulatory notices, suggests the website.

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